Before you watch the video BELOW, be warned. SANDERSON'S GUNNA get you pumped to JFDI (Just F**ing Do It)


Sanderson Jones is Co-founder of the Sunday Assembly, and joins us at our Summercamp every year.

He started with a dream.

To bring together likeminded people to celebrate life, and since launched Sunday Assembly. A few years on, he has a community of hundreds of thousands people from all across the world. 

For most people who want to be entrepreneurs like Sanderson, the biggest challenge is getting started

Here's what you shouldn't do. 

  • Spend days looking for all the answers in google search. 
  • Spend lots of money hiring designers and developers to create your vision
  • Procrastinate by telling yourself you'll launch something when you have more time

The reality is if you don't start now, you never will.

We've carefully mapped out the fundamental building blocks of what makes a happy startup. We've come up with a straight forward approach that over 500 people like you have followed to launch their idea and get their first customer. And all it took was 4 weeks of their time. 

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Watch Sanderson's video now!

WISDOM FROM SANDERSON JONES, CO-FOUNDER OF SUNDAY ASSEMBLY recorded at the Happy startup summercamp 2015