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- DAY 1 -



Welcome to Beach Street Resort. Our home for the next 7 days.


It's Goa baby! This is it.


The journey up the cliff.


Our first Goan sunset of Ashram 2017. One of many beautiful evenings.


Beach huts over looking the Arabian Sea.

download (1).jpg

Our first group photo on our way to our sunset cliff walk.


We could get used to these views.

- DAY 2 -

our first full day


Good morning Ashramers.


Checking in with the group and sharing what we'd like to get from the week.


Raw vegan cheesecake. Yum!


And so day 2 comes slowly to an end...

Welcoming the sun.


Talking about what brought us here and how we're feeling now. With a little help from Max St John's Needs cards.


Our first lunch excursion is to a vegan cafe called Bean Me Up. We're given a lesson on how to make a raw vegan cheesecake.


Next stop, Active Meditation with Shanto. A bit of shaking, a bit of gibberish, a lot of dancing. One to remember.


... rounded off with dinner at the Gunpowder restaurant.

- DAY 3 -

surf's up

Early morning departure for surfing.


Micheal Kögel facilitating the Idea Flower exercise. We had an 8 pointed flower and around each petal we grouped similar ideas that we each wanted to discuss.


More workshopping.


Our crazy haired instructor Apu showed us the ropes so we could live our Point Break fantasies. The waves weren't huge but we were surfin' bra!


Break for lunch


Rounding off the day with dinner at the Sunset restaurant.

- DAY 4 -


Kicked off the morning with a visit to Rosie and Peter's permaculture garden.


Tea anyone? Lemongrass & butterfly pea flower or lemongrass & mangosteen.


Next stop Mpusa market. Lots of smells, tastes, colours and heat!


One of the highlights of the week. Our backwater boat trip.


Another sh!tty sunset.


We had the privilege to visit the home of Rosie and Peter, a couple who are pioneering the concept of permaculture as a way of life.


Bottom's up!




Swimming, ultimate frisbee and sunsets. Couldn't ask for more.

- DAY 5 -



Mapping out our workshops.


On our day trip to Panjim we got serenaded by this guy.


Another sunset to end the day.

Gauging how everyone is feeling with our ocean of emotion.


Our little Ashram journals.


Music to our ears.

- DAY 6 -



A free day for sessions and peer to peer learning.


It's hard work this Ashram stuff.

Organising our morning


Maxin' and relaxin'


Evening at the night market.

- DAY 7 -


Peer to peer sessions.


Final group photo.