Alpselerator Stories pt 1— An interview with Jack Hubbard (The Adventurer)

Stories from the mountains of Morillon

In the middle of October 2015 we took 6 teams out to Morillon in the French Alps on an experiment to see whether the mountains could help us accelerate our ideas.

The theory was that by being together in an inspirational setting with likeminded, driven people, we could make much more progress than if we just worked separately in our offices back in the UK (more about what we did over that week here).

This is the first in a series of posts from interviews with some of the founders that participated so you can get a better feel for the people behind the ideas.

Watch the interview with Jack here (4 mins):

Or read the transcript below:

Who are you?
I am Jack, I am an entrepreneur and I live in the mountains. I am most happy when I am outside, exploring nature and adventuring, whether it’s in the world, in my mind or in business.

Why are you here?
I live here in Dream Valley (Morillon). It’s important for me to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs with energy and ideas but I’m really keen on this kind of experiment, in this kind of environment.

“This week has been fantastic in realising that making progress is not just about locking yourself in room and getting your head down.”

If you can have a balance between doing that and taking some walks, getting some exercise and getting some inspiration from nature and others then the quality of the your ideas and thinking is raised.

What has shaped you?
One thing that has shaped me is finding out that the world is not a set of rules and confines in which we need to live. This was something that I had believed for many years but I came to the realisation that the world is actually an absolute playground of chaos and bedlam that we are free to shape and disrupt as much as we want to. We should run, play, create and cause mischief… it’s awesome!

What are you proud of?
I’m a father and so very proud of my family and my three daughters, they’re a big part of my inspiration. We always wanted to live here in the mountains and I’m proud of how my vision for Dream Valley is unfolding. It’s only over the last couple of years that I’ve been sharing my story and the good will, energy and positive messages that I’ve received from others who’ve been touched by it has made me really feel proud of what I’ve achieved so far and inspired me to go forward.

Being part of the Happy Startup Tribe
What excites me about being part for the tribe? I love it!

As I’m sure many other people have done, I’ve spent an awful long time in business going to to standard events and conferences wearing suits and badges and exchanging business cards with faceless people who’s names I’ve long forgotten. The Happy Startup Summercamp was the first event I’d been to where the vibe was very relaxed, down to earth, and full of very real, authentic people. These were my kind of people, just hanging out and exchanging ideas.

I’ve made more new friends in the last year that I have in my previous 10 years of business. Not only has this given me fantastic business opportunities and inspiration, it also fulfils me for life. I’m making friends for the journey.

“It really excites me to think about what’s possible over the next 5 years together with these amazing people.”

They’ve got great energy and are driven to live wonderful lives and achieve great things. There’s so much we can achieve together and we’re really gelling as a unit. We’re just getting started and the level of belief is going up all the time. I’ve very happy to have found these Happy Startup people!

Find out more about the teams

The Alpselerator teams were, in no particular order:

Also thanks to Rorie, Kate and Chalet Badney for our wonderful home for the week.

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