Stop saying we’re all doomed: The future is much better than you think

So, we’re told — a new model of entrepreneurship is needed. Thankfully it’s already here. No longer is money the only currency in the startup world.

“A few years ago, with the explosion of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs, ran to their garages to create their billion dollar ideas. The glory was to get funded by an investor. Investor’s money in hand was just like winning the World Cup.

But what happens after you get funded?
You become an employee again. You have people that are not aligned with your dream, that don’t give a damn to the purpose and everything turns into money. The financial return starts to be the main driver.

Many people are suffering with this. Brilliant startups start to fall because the model of chasing money never ends.

We need a new model of entrepreneurship.

And there is already many good people doing this.”

Gustavo Tanaka

Articles like this give me real hope. And also provide us with much needed fuel for our mission at The Happy Startup School

   The 4Ps of a Happy Startup: The path from passion to profits


The 4Ps of a Happy Startup: The path from passion to profits


This stuff is brain juice for the purpose generation.

So, if you only read one new article this month, make it this one (which the intro quote is taken from). It’s epic.

There is something extraordinary happening in the world ››

And if you like this, you should check out the book Abundance.

I wrote a similar post more than 2 years ago airing my frustrations with the prevalent startup culture and it still gets as much traffic today. Hopefully meaning it’s just as, if not more, relevant.

Taking things into your own hands

So don’t believe what you read in the press or see on the news. There are some incredible things happening in the world.

You just need to change the lens through which you see the world.

And the people you see it with.

At The Happy Startup School we’re helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams. Read more about our journey here and how you can join our global tribe of dreamers that do. We’re also accepting applications for our next 4Ps Home School program where you can learn the path from passion to profits with likeminded people.