The weekend that was hard to put into words

6am Sunrise Service with Unknown Epic on the last day of camp

We've found it hard to sum up Summercamp 2015 (you can now check out the beautiful photos here).

People think it's about startups. 

It is. But it's so much more.

Rather than try and explain it we thought we'd leave this to those that were there.

We've been blown away by the letters, emails, tweets and Facebook posts from our fellow campers and have included just a selection of these below. 

There's something really magical about this thing we're building and events like this only re-affirm it.

Thanks to all that came, participated, helped, spoke, danced and entertained. You guys rock.

From our youngest camper Gemma

From our youngest camper Gemma

Hope to see you next year (if not before).

If you can't wait until then then come along to MicrocampAshram or Alptitude.

Thanks to the talented Neil W. Shaw for the photos