Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

And we’re off again..

This is our 4th year of Summercamp.

Every year it gets better.

Many who come tell us it has been life-changing. Particularly those that were stepping out of their comfort zone to come.

We’d hear the same things beforehand:

  • “But I’m not a startup”
  • “I hate camping”
  • “Won’t it be a bunch of business hippies on a farm?”

The same people responded afterwards:

  • “It was, but it was ok. I felt at home. I’d found my tribe.”
  • “Not fluffy hippy-dippy navel-gazing, but learning about myself in order to be more kick-ass in changing the world.”
  • “I got back to basics for 3 days, re-discovered my true self and I loved every minute. A gift of a weekend”

6 months of hard work go into this. A tiny team trying to do their bit (and inject some fun into work and life).

Stories are shared, friendships are born and projects are started.

It’s everything that’s great about our community in a 72 hour hit. Our first camp in 2013 lit the flame for our movement and it’s now the weekend in the year we all look forward to the most.

If you know anyone who has ambition to change their world, or the world, encourage them to come to Summercamp this year.

They’ll have a weekend to remember, leave clear about what’s next for them and their vision for change and have a load of new friends from around the world.

See you there.

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