We're building a mission-driven startup this weekend. On A FARM. AND You're INVITED.

This coming weekend we’ll be bringing together a special group of 150 people from around the world for our annual meeting of minds – The Happy Startup Summercamp. It just happens to be on a 300 acre farm. Well, you know, because. Well, why not.

What you might not know is we’re making the most of this unique opportunity to produce something magical.

As well as the usual talks, workshops and 'in-between bits' we're launching a bit of an experiment. Starting on Friday afternoon and running all weekend in parallel to the main schedule will be a purposeful ideas accelerator.

The good bit? If you’re joining us you can pitch your idea to be worked on by a talented tribe of strategists, creatives and makers at camp (guided by the safe hands of Gustavo Tanaka and Kees Klomp).

Just some of the ideas submitted so far from campers include a rural internship program, the world’s first ‘agency of Dad’, an online hub for young entrepreneurs, a culture handbook and a digital detox app (yes, yes we know..).

Why are we doing this you may ask?

Because we can
It's not every day you get this group of people together in an amazing place, with shared values and a diverse mix of skills and experiences. Only good can come of this.

The power of collaboration
Again and again we see that budding entrepreneurs often find it hard to share their idea or ask for help. But only by doing this will you get the support you need to realise your vision. We’re hoping by people experiencing collaboration in action, there’ll be a shift.

The importance of starting before you’re ready
As the wise Sanderson Jones (our host at camp once again this year) says, the best way to start is to just start starting things

Our hope is that all the connections, talent and experience within the camp will surface if the need and mission are clear.

Should this become a real business those that contribute will have the opportunity to co-own the business they help create using the collaboration platform Vestd (a startup born within the Happy Startup Community, co-founded by happy camper Naveed).

Getting an idea off the ground starts with one small step. Have you got an idea that’s begging to be brought to life? Due to some last minute returns there are 2 tickets left for Summercamp so it's not too late to apply to join and submit your idea to be worked on. If you can't make the event then why not become a virtual camper and be part of the event wherever you are.