creative co-founding
WITH tom nixon


Creative co-founding: How to realise big ideas, stay great friends and stay in touch with what got you together.


This is a workshop for pairs or trios of co-founders to come along to together. It's for all co-founders, whether you're at the start of an exciting journey together or feel the need to reconnect with your co-founders further down the line.


You know there's a lot at stake and you don't want to fall out. You want your co-founder partnership to be full of positivity, and most of all to be massively creative so you can keep making good stuff.


You'll head into the woods, and through a series of mini lessons, practical exercises and group dialogue you'll learn the secret sauce of successful co-founder teams. But you won't just learn theory: you'll have a chance to get much more deeply connected to your co-founders. You'll learn things about them and yourself that you were probably never aware of, in a safe space where you can feel free to open up.

Laurence & Carlos from The Happy Startup School on why you should join the next week in the woods

By the end of the day, your relationship with your cofounder will be stronger than ever and you'll know how to keep it that way. You'll be able to stay connected, happy and creative so nothing stands in your way as you make your dent in the universe together.



  • How to get clear on what the partnership is really about for you both
  • How to make sure everyone's working on what they really want to be doing
  • How your stories about money will affect everything else that happens
  • How your cofounder's quirky annoyances are actually a source of strength
  • How to map out who's responsible for what without the need for boring job titles

This session was run by entrepreneur and co-founder expert Tom Nixon



Monday 10th April 2017
Wilderness Wood, Sussex

Come along with us to 62 acres of woodland in Sussex, with our own Meeting House space to get cosy in and all the woods to explore. There will be a free bus transfer from Brighton and Haywards Heath stations (for those from/near London).



    • 4.00pm – Depart
    • 4.30pm – Bus arrives at Haywards Heath
    • 5.15pm – Bus arrives back in Brighton
    • 8.15am - Brighton station (rear) bus pick-up
    • 9.00am – Haywards Heath station bus pick-up
    • 9.45am – Arrival/Refreshments


    During 17 years as an entrepreneur, Tom Nixon has sometimes been an awesome co-founder and other times... not so much! By experiencing all of this first hand, he became fascinated by the special role of founders in creative endeavours. Why do some big ideas get realised and others fizzle out? What makes co-founders stay in tune with each other for the long haul... or fall out?

    He's part of an ongoing action research project which through conversations with over 500 entrepreneurs and founders has uncovered a spookily reliable set of principles which explain these things. Armed with this insight and his own experience, he coaches and advises other founders so they can realise big, ambitious ideas and keep the startup passion forever.



    There are only 25 spaces available. 

    Tickets are priced to allow anyone to come,  and include lunch, refreshments, forest walk and bus transfer.

    Please email us if there's any dietary requirements we should be aware of. Also note we will be filming elements of this event.


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