31St JANUARY 2018, 8.30pm UK time


What does it mean to build a business that not only makes money but also makes a meaningful contribution to people's lives?

In a world where people are looking for more than just a paycheck how do we attract and keep talented people?

In this webinar Carlos will be talking with Arthur Woods the cofounder of Imperative, an organisation that has set out to help everyone realise their potential as employees and educate businesses as to why this is imporant. Building on the pioneering work of his cofounder Aaron Hurst, author of the Purpose Economy, they have brought together over a decade's worth of research to design a framework and set of tools to help people get clear on their purpose.

We love their work so much that we've partnered with them to integrate their tools into our Home School program. We believe that business success comes from strong leadership and that strong leadership comes from clarity. When you understand your purpose and what really motivates you into action then work becomes much more effortless.

Not only is Arthur's work super aligned with what we believe at the Happy Startup School he was also recently named as one of the world's top social entrepreneurs when he appeared in the Forbes 2018 30 under 30 list. What a superstar!


Hear about what it takes to build a meaningful company and learn from Arthur about how you can start getting clear on your purpose and go out into the world, being happier and doing more impactful work.

This is an opportunity to hear from someone who's doing it already so join the webinar to get inspired, energised and educated to do it yourself.

The webinar will start at 8.30pm on 31st January and will be broadcast on the Zoom platform (as well as Facebook Live). If you'd like to ask Arthur any questions then you'll need to register to the Zoom webinar using the link below. The interview will last approximately 30 minutes with up to 30 minutes for further discussion and questions.

Hope you can join us live or if you subscribe to the community you can also get lifetime access to the recording as well as many other benefits.




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