learn how to build a happy startup with our free 40 page e–book & startup toolkit

The book covers 4 steps to a happy startup: From passion, purpose and people, to profits. It’s the perfect introductory to building your own happy business if you’re a budding entrepreneur.

Once you’ve read that, the toolkit will provide you with hands-on resources to get your business off the ground. It includes your very own Happy Startups Canvas to write up a one–page business plan, tools to create user personas, tons of ideas for testing your assumptions including tips on interviewing customers and a list of must read articles, video clips and a list of the most useful books to read on the market.

We hope you find it useful, and if you do – spread the word :)

Expect to learn:

  • How to run a business around doing something you love
  • How to find your purpose as a company, and live it
  • Why not having a clear purpose is detrimental to the success of a startup
  • The importance of knowing and loving your customers, so they love you
  • How to attract a talented team
  • How to write a one–page business plan

At the Happy Startup School we’re at the start of our journey to build a community of people that believe there’s a better way to do business.
We want to help passionate founders build the best companies of the future that have a clear purpose, a strong culture with engaged employees and loyal customers.

What people are saying!

Very meaningful reading!

Kees Klomp, Strategy Director, True Ideas

A must–read for anyone looking to build a startup.

Steve Penfold, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Highly recommend you download the Happy Startups ebook, it’s free this week so go & get it!

Trudy Thompson, Social Entrepreneur, Bricks & Bread
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