Effortless Creativity: How to get better ideas with The Lazy Guru
Laurence shorter

Running time: 50m 07s

We invited our friend and bestselling author, Laurence Shorter, the mastermind behind "The Lazy Guru's Guide to Life: The Mindful Art of Achieving More, to take part in this 45 min webinar as part of our Creativity month in the community.

In his book and in this fun and insightful interview Laurence looked to answer the following:

• What do I really need in my life right now?
• Where do breakthroughs and good ideas come from?
• How do I juggle all the demands and pressures on me and stay in flow?
• How can I achieve more by doing less?

And some questions submitted by the community: 
- How can I be creative with a pressing deadline and clients to keep happy?
- If you want more effortless creativity in your biz/life is it better to outsource the admin/routine stuff to make more time for the ideas, or is there creative value in doing those kinds of tasks? 
- Does an idea have to be yours?? Or could you be the person in life that make others ideas happen? Is that of equal value or is that a lazy attitude?

Laurence Shorter