make 2018 a year of inspired action


In this latest Happy Startup Masterclass author and coach Laurence Shorter will show you an easier way to get to where you need to be. If you want to create impact in the world but are paralysed with too many ideas or you're wasting too much time second guessing yourself then this is the course for you.

My wish for you is to get into a space where you can respond creatively to situations and make anything possible.


who is this masterclass for?

As entrepreneurs and creatives we are used to analysing ourselves to find out who we are and where to go next. It's easy to get caught up in trying to figure out how plot the best path forward. But this is an effortful and unreliable approach that relies too much on logic, limited information and endless planning. Ultimately it can lead to anxiety, exhaustion and bad investments of time and energy.

This is a fast paced world obsessed with action and getting to the destination first. However if we're too quick off the mark we can lead ourselves down the wrong path and end up in a place we never wanted to be.

Stopping is sometimes the best way to move forward.

Make 2018 a year where you are able to find clarity and focus every day and make good decisions more and more often - helping you to build something that has real presence in the world.


In this class Laurence offers a new approach to purpose based on the insight that there is a much easier way to get to where you are going – but that there’s a bunch of stuff in the way. He’ll show you how to tap into the essence of who you really are, clear out the crud and take “inspired action”.

It's like meditation but a whole lot easier!


Don't get bogged down by the weight of expectation and anticipation. Forget defining goals and planning ahead. Throw away the old map and find the intuitive route to doing work and creating a life that aligns with who you really are.


The class will kick off live on Thursday 11th January at 8.30pm GMT and divides into three main parts.

During the 90 minute webinar you'll:

  • Get clear on what your drivers are for effortless success. Learn what makes you tick and what slows you down.
  • Avoid negative cycles that have you going round in circles. Understand how you can get stuck doing the same things even though they don't move you forward.
  • Sense your way to success. Learn to let your inner intelligence guide you and intuitively navigate to where you need to be.

Your host


Laurence Shorter is a leadership consultant, author, comedian and artist. In his quest to understand the secrets of happiness, he has authored a bestselling book on positive thinking (The Optimist), written and performed his own one-man show at the Edinburgh Festival, and created the Lazy Guru, the world’s first cartoon guide to mindfulness and flow. Today Laurence coaches CEO’s, consultants and creatives, hosting immersive events that give people a direct experience of the intelligent, self-organizing principle at work in groups and teams.


Laurence is extremely perceptive and is able to zero in quickly to help you identify what really drives the problems you face and help you come to potential solutions
— John Evison, OC&C


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