improv your life
WITH pippa evans


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Every day we make things up as we go along.

What am I having for breakfast? How am I responding to the angry man on the bus? What shall I say in this meeting?

Just being, never mind being the best you can be, can be a little daunting. 

What if there were some tools that could make it all a bit easier? What if there were skills you could acquire to tackle the everyday in new and exciting ways? 

There are, and Pippa Evans has them.

Who it's for

This is for anyone who finds themselves leaving meetings going "Who was that? Why did I behave like that?" For anyone who panics at the thought of conversation and small talk, at networking events or family events or any kind of reunion. For anyone who needs a bit more confidence when it comes to public speaking and public being. 

Why it matters

Sometimes we only get one chance at a meeting, at a conversation or an interview and we muck it up because we are too far in our own heads to bring our best selves forward.

How it works

We'll be using improvisation techniques and exercises to create better connections, be more present and to discover short cuts to our 'best self'.


  • How to connect with people in conversation
  • How to create conversational content
  • How to be your best self on command
  • How to notice all the offers your colleagues are giving you
  • Delivering spontaneous content confidently
  • How to cope when meetings go off piste


ABOUT pippa

Pippa Evans has improvised her way through the last 10 years of her life both on and off stage and found the parallels between improv and life skills are staggering! Let Pippa share with you what she has learnt working with fabulous people around the world, including Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton, Det Andre Teatret, Norway and individuals like Patti Styles, Alan Marriott and of course, the Olivier winning Showstopper: The Improvised Musical.
Pippa has worked for several companies including FutureLearn, Brain Labs Digital and Saracens Rugby (in association with Allianz).


Thursday 27th April 2017
Wilderness Wood, Sussex

Come along with us to 62 acres of woodland in Sussex, with our own Meeting House space to get cosy in and all the woods to explore. There will be a free bus transfer from Brighton and Haywards Heath stations (for those from/near London).


    • 8.15am - Brighton station (rear) bus pick-up
    • 9.00am – Haywards Heath station bus pick-up
    • 9.45am – Arrival/Refreshments
    • 10-4pm – Workshop/lunch
    • 4.00pm – Depart
    • 4.30pm – Bus arrives at Haywards Heath
    • 5.15pm – Bus arrives back in Brighton


    There are only 25 spaces available. 

    Tickets are priced to allow anyone to come,  and include lunch, refreshments, forest walk and bus transfer.

    Please email us if there's any dietary requirements we should be aware of. Also note we will be filming elements of this event.



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