Summercamp 2015

Home School Tribe #3

My story begins back in 1986, taking my first steps in Ørsta—a beautiful mountain town in Norway. I spent the first years of my life there before our family moved to my fathers' home country: The Netherlands.

After finally 'growing up' I started working as a producer at a small web design company. Over the years I got very excited about the world of User Experience Design and decided to start a company with my brother, who's a brilliant Ruby on Rails programmer. Our business ('Sparkforce') is doing really well—and although it excites us both—our true passion lies elsewhere. And that passion is play!

My brother and I are now co-founder of a startup called Funbase. We help young adults who struggle with stress of everyday life to unwind, rediscover their inner playfulness and connect them with like-minded people. To let them fully embrace that child-like sense of curiosity and wonder. A primal need so many of us have learned to suppress. We currently host monthly parties with free play activities for our little tribe over here in Amsterdam.

"I'm at my happiest when playing and going on adventures"

I was part of Home School tribe #3 and have recently been to Happy Startup Summercamp. The home school program was great! I learned some important skills to get Funbase off the ground, got inspired numerous times and connected with a lot of likeminded people. There's a great sense of community and readiness to help each other out. Summercamp was an absolute blast! Even life-changing for me.

My startup

We aren't here for a long time—so let's make it a good time! And remember: the best time for play is when you don't have time for it. Science also has our back on this:

  • Play lets you unwind and regulates stress
  • Play is good for your brain
  • Play can form deep connections between people
  • Play is healthy and energises you
  • Last but definitely not least: it's a lot of fun!

Help us kick this playful revolution into high gear! Join our tribe of playful adults and come play at our monthly party.

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