There are four elements of a pitch that will make people sit up and take notice. If you’re looking to onboard an investor, find collaborators or sell to customers then at the end of this masterclass you’ll have the tools to do it (and make it kick-ass)

When we talk about something we’re passionate about it can be very easy to drown others in the irrelevant details of our idea. What we think is an inspiring story ends up sounding like “mind vomit.” 

We over explain, make assumptions and deliver a stream of loosely connected concepts that overwhelm people and make them switch off. With that, we’ve lost them!

In their book Made to Stick Dan and Chip Heath call this the “curse of knowledge” – the idea that “the more we know about something the harder it is to remember what it was like to not know it.”

During this masterclass Carlos will help you slow down, take a breath and remember who you’re talking to.

It’s time time to get out of your head and deconstruct the soup of ideas that’s swirling around in it. Together we’ll piece them back together as a story that people can follow, get excited by and then want to ask questions about. 

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who is this masterclass for?

This class is for anyone trying to engage the imagination of their audience and spur them into action. You could be:

  • An entrepreneur trying to pitch an investor
  • A freelancer trying to sell their services
  • A business owner trying to describe their company
  • A wannapreneur trying to make sense of their idea

The fundamentals are the same and the only difference is who you’re talking to.

What will I learn?

It's all about organising your thoughts into a story that takes people on a journey. Like most simple frameworks each element of this class is packed full of concepts and triggers for you to do some deeper work.

The four basic elements are:

  • Create a shared reality

  • Define the problem

  • Propose the solution

  • Share the vision

Using these elements you’ll break down your pitch in a way that it addresses each of these. The goal is that once you’ve put the work in you’ll be able to deliver a 3 minute pitch that will get people sitting up.


How does it work?

The masterclass will be available as a recording. There will be up to one hour of course content followed by 30 minutes for questions.

The content itself will be divided into three main topics:

  • What makes a kick ass pitch and why it’s important to be clear about its purpose.

  • A deep dive into the four elements and an explanation as what they each mean.

  • A summary on the importance of knowing your audience and adapting your pitch based on their needs.

If the main driver for you to build a community is to make money out of your members then it won’t last. People will smell it.

Your host

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Carlos is one of the co-founders of The Happy Startup School. He's run a design agency, delivered workshops, spoken at conferences, hosted webinars and produced online courses. His expertise is in product development, startup strategy, web technologies, community building and coaching. He loves working with people at the beginning of an idea to help them get some clarity and create some structure, so they can confidently move forward. He also has PhD in Atomic Physics which on very rare occasions comes in surprisingly handy!


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