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Lunchtime Sessions #8: Blogging 101

The latest in our series of lunchtime classes.

Bring your own lunch to The Happy Startup School in Brighton and sit down with others that are looking to build their tribe. In this session 

Open to all: budding entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, founders, flounderers and fanatics. 

What you'll learn:  

• the basics of how to structure your post

• making sure it's readable and well-formatted for internet

• how long it should be 

• where to find free images 

• how to write good headlines 

• use h1, h2 headers 

• keywords appropriate for SEO

• tips on how to write/edit efficiently 

• choose blog topics that will work for your audience as part of a content marketing strategy 

Who's running this class?  
We're grateful to have Eloise Mc Inerney host this session and share her knowledge. 

Come and join us! :) 

For more information about becoming a clubhouse member and getting all of this for free, visit to learn more!