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Lunchtime session #9 How to be a StARTist

aster lunch time session

I believe that humans have a need to be creative.  And express themselves creatively.  But most don’t - for many reasons - and suffer for it,  In my opinion. Not in a pain kind of way, but in a missing out on life’s joys kind of way.   Making art and expressing yourself, being playful and expressive is not just for the “professional artists”! It reconnects you with your own creativity, your own self.  In ways that you just don’t expect.  

Its not therapy, but it sure as hell is theraputic.

If you have that niggling yearning to “be more creative” -  where do you start? 

This taster session will introduce you to a creative process that uses mixed media, layering techniques that help you let go of what you think you ought to be doing and get wildly creative with what is in front of you.  This is not making art to be hung on the wall and judged on its merits (though feel free to take your art home and love it!).  This is being creative for the sheer hell and fun of it.  

Prepare for the unexpected and to maybe get a little messy. 

Rekindle your creativity.  

Who's running the session?

Moyra Scott has been running wildly creative workshops sessions in Brighton for the last 3 years.   
Check her out at Moyra Scott Art on facebook.  Or on Get Creative on 

Her next 6 week course will be starting on 9th June at Green Garden Cabin.  More dates, including a 3 hour session at The Happy Start Up coming soon! Contact Moyra at or on 07974168586 or follow her on instagram  / twitter @moyrascott 

Come and join us! :) 

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