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Are you finding it hard to stay focused? Need to take stock? Make sure you’re going in the right direction for you? We’re launching a new informal workshop in our co-working space and it might be just your cup of tea.

What is it?

This is a chance for Clubhouse members to take a moment out of the busy busy month and reflect constructively on where they’re at. Alongside other members of our community,  you’ll find that many of us are experiencing some of the same things.

Reflect. Refocus. Reconnect.

We are going to be offering these twice monthly, at around tea-time on a Monday and a Wednesday. This is the first one!

There will be thought-provoking and open ended questions designed to clear the way for your next move.

The Questions:

  • What Did You Do In The Last 14 Days

  • What Are You Losing Sleep Over

  • What Was Your Epic Win

  • What Are You Planning To Do In The Next 14 Days


At the Happy Startup Clubhouse we offer something more than just a coworking space for founders and freelancers. We offer a support network and a place to connect, collaborate and create.


See you there!

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