Wednesday 20th June 2018, 8:30pm to 10:00pm BST

In an era dominated by technology making empathy part of your company's DNA is fundamental to your survival. Learn why being naturally empathic and sensitive, can actually make you a more effective business person.

We live in an age dominated by disruption and uncertainty. The world has become much more complicated and no single person will have the answers. This means, more than ever we need to work together. When a collective of likeminded individuals join forces on a common mission then amazing things can happen.

At the core of any successful team is meaningful connections and clear communication. That is why empathy is more important than ever not only in the business world but in the way we communicate in general.

But what does it mean to be empathic? How can we be empathic leaders and how can understanding empathy make us better team players and even better sales people?

The theme for this month in the Happy Startup School community is leadership and in true Happy Startup style we’re going to go against the grain. For us leadership isn’t about command and control but about engagement, empowerment and empathy.


On this latest masterclass we are privileged to be led by one of our close friends and community mentors Christine Raine. She is the founder of Conversable, a social enterprise devoted to using empathy as a vehicle to create sustainable solutions for innovative organisations and conscientious individuals.

Her vision is to share the tools and the practice of Nonviolent Communication to as many people as possible, thus generating a critical mass of change agents. She wants to promote a world where emotional authenticity is the greatest source of collaboration, tolerance and human connection.

who is this masterclass for?

Leaders who want to build a more resilient company, retain their best talent and foster long lasting relationships with their clients.

What will I learn?

In this masterclass Christine will cover the following three topics:

  • What it means to be an empathic leader
  • How to empower with empathy
  • Selling authentically and empathically

Anyone who attends this masterclass will come away with a basic understanding of NVC and see how using an empathic approach can enhance the way they lead, collaborate and negotiate.

In this fun and enjoyable webinar, you’ll learn practical tips on how to respond to difficult situations, become an inclusive decision maker, lead more motivated and thus productive teams and create more meaningful relationships with clients.

How does it work?

The masterclass will be delivered live via the Zoom platform. There will be up to one hour of course content followed by 30 minutes for Q&A.


Your host

Carlos is one of the co-founders of The Happy Startup School. He's run a design agency, delivered workshops, spoken at conferences, hosted webinars and produced online courses. Fascinated by how more self knowledge can lead to more impact in the world he loves working with people to unlock their potential.



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