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These days it couldn’t be easier to turn ideas into action. At the touch of a button we can launch a business and start generating revenue without an office, employees or even a website. The world really is at our fingertips.

But despite all this so many budding entrepreneurs and creatives still struggle with the doing part. This means thousands of great ideas remain just that, ideas. But ideas without action are just dreams. 

What experienced entrepreneurs know is that it’s 1% about the idea and 99% about the execution. You only learn through doing. Action brings clarity.

Take your passion and make it happen.
— Irene Cara

When you build stuff for a living like we used to, turning round ideas can seem like a breeze. You have an idea, maybe share it with a couple of people, get all excited and put it out into the world.


Project is live, feedback comes your way.

You improve what you’ve created.

Rinse and repeat.

But just because you can make stuff it doesn’t mean it’s going to work. It just means you can kill it early if it doesn’t have legs. Better to find out now before you throw everything at it.

Bad news gets worse the longer you leave it.
— Rob Fitzpatrick

But if your first experiment is well received it could be the very first step on a beautiful journey. And the very process of creating it will help you get clear on how this could work.


To prove a point:

  • We conceived and launched v1 of our online community in 24 hours

  • We wrote and published our ebook in 72 hours

  • This whole page took 60 minutes to create 

The first version of each wasn’t the best. But it was good enough to help us to progress to round 2. And we learnt what was working, and what wasn’t.

Setting a time limit can help too. Time kills the censors and focuses the mind – true creativity comes from constraints.

Innovate with the delete key.
— Stef Lefandowski

But if you’re new to making, don’t necessarily consider yourself the creative type or, crucially, really struggle with knowing where to even start, this stuff can seem really scary.

What you’ll learn:

  • Powerful tools and techniques to help you move from idea to action fast
  • From creating a prototype of your mobile app idea, to different ways to start attracting your first customers
  • How to build your following while exploring opportunities
  • The power of timeboxing any work you do and getting into the shipping habit
  • And crucially, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and sharing your passion with the world
Perfection is the enemy of done.

And finally if you’re still not convinced…

How does it work?

This masterclass is over an hour of course content with access to the slides from the lesson. 

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Laurence is one of the co-founders of The Happy Startup School. He's run a design agency, delivered workshops, spoken at conferences, hosted webinars and produced online courses. Last year he was selected by Medium as one of the top 50 writers on entrepreneurship and innovation.


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