A step by step guide to setting up your trailblazer membership

1. Open your invite to join the private Slack community

In the inbox you used to sign up, you will receive an email from Slack with "Carlos Saba has invited you to join the Happy Startup School" as the subject line. If you've only just signed up, please allow 24 hours for your invite to be sent. If you still haven't received the invite, check your spam folder first then email to resend an invitation.


2. Click to join the Happy Startup School team

Click the "Join the Happy Startup School" button in the email which will ask you to choose a username and password (first name + surname usually does the trick)

3. You should now have browser access to general discussions

Once you've chosen a username and password you should be logged in to the browser version of the Slack community in a new tab. Inside the community looks a bit like this.

4. Next, download Slack for your iOS or Android mobile.

This is a really crucial step. Having the private community in your pocket accessible to you means you'll get notifications when people mention you and you will be able to chat with members on the go.

5. Once you've downloaded the app, you'll be asked to log in to a team

Our team's domain is enter 'thehappystartupschool' as the team domain and press next. Then enter the email address you used to sign up with and press next. Finally, enter the password you just created and log in. 

You're all set up!


**Optional extra: Install the Slack app to your desktop

Slack also has a desktop app you can download to get notifications and chat with peers on your computer. You can download it here for any Mac, Windows or Linux machine using the same team domain and log in as above.

**Compulsory optional extra: Happify your desktop colour scheme

Only available if you've installed Slack as an app on your desktop (i.e the optional extra above). Click on the down arrow in the top left of the screen. Select Preferences.

Then choose sidebar theme and paste in these values to the bottom box, #F5F5F5,#FFFFFF,#FDBD39,#FFFFFF,#FECF33,#574751,#A4BF36,#EE6723, then hit done. 

You should see something a little nicer like this.

And that's it, you're all done! 


AN overview of every channel, who can see and what to post


#general - This channel is for team wide communications and announcements. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community instantly has access to this channel.

All below channels may need to be "joined" by you:

#book-recommendations - This channel is for chats around books and recommendations. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community can access to this channel.

#introductions - This channel is where you will first introduce yourself, your startup/mission and/or passion. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community can access to this channel

#random - A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community can access to this channel

#shameless-promotion - Use this channel to plug anything you want to plug or sell. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community can access to this channel.

#ask-a-mentor - Use this channel to take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom of our community mentors. You can mention them at any time and ask for their advice. Everyone in the Happy Startup School community can access to this channel.

Private channels: You may be a part of a private group within the Happy Startup School team i.e, #founding-members or #Home-School-Tribe-4. Only the people with access to the private group can see posts within this channel. To find out who is a part of your private group, click on the people icon to the left of the search bar when you're inside the channel.


If you have any questions about the community, setting up your Slack account or if you haven't received an invite just email Fiona who'll be happy to help.

You guys rock x