The purpose of this PROGRAM is simple: 

To bring together 10 budding TECH entrepreneurs TO BRING THEIR DIGITAL IDEAS TO LIFE FAST



  • a step by step action plan delivered daily to take your idea or service to market 

  • access to experienced mentor who've launched dozens of successful digital startups (and a few that have failed too!)

  • your ready-made support network of 9 other tech founders to go on our your journey with and stay connected to beyond the program

  • access to a private group to keep connections going and ensure ideas get actioned

  • the nudges you need to bring your ideas to life

  • an introduction to a suite of tools and software to take your business to the next level, including exclusive software deals


Who's it for?

If you're a budding entrepreneur with an idea but lack the skills to build it and take it to market, you'll be right at home here. This online program will connect you with a network of people and the tools to help make your idea a reality. Bring your idea, leave with all the foundations to take it to market, fast.







Some key themes we'll be covering in the program, all geared towards helping you avoid common pitfalls we've seen startups make again and again:

  • Exploring different business models
  • Getting down to the core features
  • Creating a killer value proposition
  • Ways to visualise your audience
  • Ways to run experiments and prototype your idea
  • Conducting effective customer interviews
  • How to create a simple but effective landing page
  • Funding options and what's right for you
  • How to brief developers and speak their language
  • What to look for in a co-founders
  • How to get customers and build your tribe with little money
  • Learn digital tools and community growth hacks

Building a product is hard. And building great products is harder.

There are a ton of decisions to make, whether that's who to hire, when to launch, what technology to use, what to build or how well to build it.

In April and with the ongoing support from our online community you'll learn how to a create your Minimum Loveable Product – the smallest version of your idea that your customers will fall in love with - with guidance from course leaders who've been there and done it. You won't just learn how to build your online presence, you'll find out how to build your tribe of super-fans too using tried and tested techniques.

And, crucially, save yourself months of wasted effort, pointless features, bad hires and, let's face it, wasted ££££££.


This course will be hosted by Laurence and Carlos from The Happy Startup School. Prior to setting up The Happy Startup School, Laurence and Carlos ran the successful startup studio Spook Studio and developed the concept of the Minimum Loveable Product.

They have also co-ordinated, and mentored at, various startup programs and accelerators over the last few years including Hub Launchpad in London, HyperIsland in Manchester, Fusebox in Brighton and Lightning Lab in New Zealand. As well as this they've helped more than 500 founders through their online Home School program in the last 12 months.