a live Q&A interview with MICHAEL TOWNSEND WILLIAMS, author of do breathe


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"When you get the right balance in life you can do amazing things: create, perform, lead a team, build a great company, raise a family. Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done." Michael Townsend Williams


From a life of 'doing' in the world of advertising to a life of 'being' as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, Michael now works on the integration of both. His business, Stillworks, coaches individuals, teams and organisations on Mindful Productivity and Mindfulness. He is also co-creator of the iPhone app, Breathe Sync, that brings your breathing into sync with your heart to reduce stress and improve focus. He believes the world needs to calm down and we would all get a lot more done if we did.

Michael recently wrote his first book, Do Breathe, part of the excellent Do Books series and will be hosting a workshop in London on January 15th.

Join us for this webinar where we'll hear Michael's story first-hand and more about his work to bring more calm and focus to our lives.

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