What's changed for you since you found the Happy Startup School?

As we reflect on our achievements and what we learned looking back at 2016, we asked our tribe "what's changed for you since you found the Happy Startup School?" Thank you to all who shared their thoughts below. You fuel our mission :)

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"Feeling connected to an incredible community of like-minded, energetic and positive change-makers"
Tim Bowles, Founder of The Farm Camp
"I found my tribe. Conversations that started at camp have continued in a way I could never have imagined. Friendships have grown in such a short period of time and also "virtually" as there is only one person from camp I have seen in person since. An amazing group of like minded souls. I have been able to support others in their projects and also continue the camp sessions with the webinars I have hosted. It was the best investment I made in 2016 - on all levels."
Sophie Kramhoft, Founder Create the spark marketing
"I feel empowered to do anything, redesign organisational structures, create micro businesses for fun, redefine the nation I live in, all seems possible with the knowledge and encouragement gained from a small number of people gathered in a field."
Mart Gordon, Designer
"I was going to start answering and found that I started crying instead 😊. It's changed everything. Brilliantly."
Elizabeth Slade, COO at Sunday Assembly
"I found my tribe. It doesn't get any more profound than that. So grateful, glad. And happy _/|\_"
Kees Klomp, Director of Strategy at Yellowbird
"It made me fearless. I have much more confidence in selling my products and approaching store owners. Our book is now in 10+ stores, we're a "store best seller" at our favorite indie bookshop and have sold out our entire print run over the holidays. It also made me appreciate every beautiful moment along the way. Thank you!"
Lisa Hall, Founder of Babys Venture Books
"It was actually the first Happy Start Up event I attended in my hometown that gave me my epiphany and all of a sudden I knew exactly what to do and how to do it! I dedicated a page to it on my website explaining how this event inspired me. After that amazing jump start, I just had to go to Summercamp. Our weekend empowered me even more and most importantly made me let go of some obstacles that I had put in my own way- Forever grateful and presently reaping the fruits :)"
Monique Birgitte, Founder Truly Feel Good
"Besides meeting so many incredible people, HSS has helped me see so much evidence that business can come straight from the heart. It’s given me direction, and a big dose of inspiration. Everyone in this community approaches life creatively, simply building what they want to see in the world. If we can spread that feeling.. we can really make wonders happen."
Lotta Holmberg, Startup Marketing & Growth Consultant
"Yes, they exist! Like minded people. Summercamp fulfilled my biggest need: Connection from the soul"
Ellen Moons, Lovechock
"After Summercamp, something inside me changed. I understood that I was on the right track and that I was among friends who 'got' me even thought they had never met me. Both of a personal and a professional level I have gone from strength to strength. Summer camp is something very very special"
Dan Flanagan, Founder of Tots Rockin Beats