Founder & CEO at Collab&Play, LOS ANGELES


Home School Tribe #3

I'm the founder of a startup called Collab&Play, a work hub-collaborative space that offers childcare!

I believe that the traditional working environments do not offer a fair opportunity for parents to thrive professionally while truly maintaining a flexible lifestyle and enjoying their kids.

I joined Home School Tribe #3 with some ideas in mind. With the help of this program I was able to really tuned in with my passion, my values, and finished it witha clear idea of what I wanted to do. 


"I can't stress enough how amazing this community is"


In this journey I met a classmate (now a great friend) with which we have build an incredible relationship even by being in different states! We continue to hold weekly video conferences, (like a mastermind group) we support and encourage each other, give feedback, and brainstorm ideas. We've been doing this for 5 months now and I cannot imagine this journey without her!!!!

My startup


I'm getting ready to open Collab&Play in November and will be super excited to share pictures of the space as it gets ready.

If anybody has questions and would like to chat with me just simply reach out! I'd be more than happy to do that. 

Come charge up your battery at our monthly party and connect with our playful little tribe to feel the <3

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