Laurence and carlos


What's the Happiness Trap and how do you avoid falling into it?

During this live webinar Laurence and Carlos will talk you through the challenges of balancing money and meaning and what you can do to find that sweet spot where you can make money, do good and be happy.

"Deep down you probably know yourself if there’s something out of kilter, typically manifested through an urge to create or change something."

Two-thirds of us feel unfulfilled at work, and many of the rest struggle with making a living – and it’s high time this changed.

Over the last 5 years we’ve met hundreds, if not thousands, of people that are seeking more from their work and life. Whilst the monthly pay cheque might be feeding their mouths, it’s not feeding their soul.

At the same time there are others that have found their calling, but struggle making a living from it.

We call this the happiness trap: for many it’s a straight choice between doing good or making money. Watch the live webinar below and please post your comments in the box further down.


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