why are we called the happy startup school? 
carlos saba

Running time: 7m 7s

When we first came up with our name it what was essentially just an idea. It was going to be a school for first time entrepreneurs who built businesses on the foundations of new technology and positive company cultures. It was about "making happiness your business model".

Over the past 6 years we've discovered that we're about much more than that. And while our mission has grown and evolved our name stays the same.

Unfortunately most people have very strong preconceptions about what our name means. Many people who first hear about us don't understand what we have in common with them, even though we have everything in common. Online we can look like a another training program for startups but come to our Summercampand you see it's a festival of optimism and connection. Or join us at Alptitude and you'll meet CEOs, artists, developers, designers and professionals from all walks of life and geographies who're looking for clarity and space.

So we have a problem with our name. It doesn't quite capture everything we do and what we stand for.

Or does it...?

It's time to get proactive and claim our own definitions of these loaded terms. We want to make it clear to anyone who discovers us that we're more than these three words and that together our name means something bigger than the sum of its parts.

We need our own definition of "happy"

We use the word happy but we know that building businesses and doing impactful work is hard. When you're trying to keep things going you rarely get the chance to to sit around idly smiling and feeling contented (at least not without the help of very strong drugs).

We need our own definition of "startup"

We use the word startup but many of our community are long time business owners or prefer being employees. For us startup is a mindset not a stage in business.

We need our own definition of "school"

And we use the word school even though all our impactful learning experiences don't happen in a classroom or by passively absorbing knowledge from an expert. They happen in nature, through discussion and shared experiences. We're building a school of thought not an institution and we're learning as we go, not before we start.

Watch the video above to see my first attempt at redefining our name.

If you believe in what we do and what to see us succeed in our mission to bring more happiness and flow to business and work then support us by joining the community.

Carlos Saba