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Learn the path from passion to profits

Join our 4 Week Purpose and Profit Online Program
$350 / £275 / €300
Be one of 1000+ people who've taken steps to make more positive impact in the world, while making money and staying happy. On our flagship program you'll learn how to build a business and do work that's in line with who you truly are. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, freelancer or business owner, join a tribe of purposeful doers who want to realise innovative ideas quickly and effortlessly by connecting to what makes them come alive.


Building an empathic business
Learn why being naturally empathic and sensitive, can actually make you a more effective business person.

Effortless Success with Laurence Shorter
If you want to create impact in the world but are paralysed with too many ideas or you're wasting too much time second guessing yourself then this is the course for you. 

10 Day Course: Stop Dreaming, Start Doing
Follow in the footsteps of more than 5000 people and take our email course where you'll learn how to use our business canvas to get clear on your ideas and work out your next move.

How to turn ideas into action fast
Learn powerful tools and techniques that will help you move from idea to action fast – from

Selling Authentically with Pete Mosley
In this online class from bestselling author and coach Pete Mosley you'll learn how to find your audience and connect with them in a way that feels true to who you are. 

The four elements of a kick-ass pitch
In the masterclass you will learn about the four elements of a kick-ass pitch that will help you to deliver a razor sharp story for your startup in less than three minutes.

Blogging With Medium
Learn about the power of Medium to build your brand and following, using  techniques that have helped us to grow our readership from 0 to 50,000.