There’s more to life than hockey sticks

We’re helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams. Startups that put people first and measure success in happiness, as well as profits. Think sustainability above short–term.

We believe happy teams, storytelling and customer experience are key to delivering on vision & purpose. We’re at the start of something beautiful & we know you’re gonna love it.

happy startups on the beach

A fun, interactive day by the sea for startups to get inspired, learn some innovative tools and techniques and connect with likeminded people. We hope you can join us for what promises to be an awe inspiring day.

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the happy startup summercamp

A weekend like no other. We’re bringing together an incredible line-up of thinkers, do-ers and makers to inspire you, help you lead a better life, get more from your work or business and make the most of your time on this little world of ours.

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Learn how to build a happy startup with our free 40 page e–book & startup toolkit. The book covers 4 steps to a happy startup: From passion, purpose and people, to profits. It’s the perfect introductory to building your own happy business if you’re a budding entrepreneur.

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our school of thoughts

We blog about companies with amazing cultures, startups that put people first and measure success in happiness, as well as profits.

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Kind of in love with your mission (and your tagline). Excited to get involved!


Sounds awesome!

Alexander Kjerulf,
Author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5
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