Minimum Loveable Product Camp

We're looking for 10 founders to take part in a 3 day accelerator from Dec 11-13 in Brighton where you'll get challenged and learn what it takes to build a tech startup, and start doing it.


Happy Startup Summercamp

Our 3 day startup festival with inspiring talks, woodland workshops, leftfield activities and 100+ inspiring people to help you make shift happen.

Ashram retreat

Ashram is an invite-only retreat to be held in Tamil Nadu, India from February 6-13 2016.  There are only 25 spaces available for purpose-driven founders & leaders – want to be one of them?


Home School

A 6 week online course where we take you through a series of lessons, challenges and resources with the aim of accelerating ideas you're passionate about.



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The weekend that was hard to put into words
We've found it hard to sum up Summercamp 2015. People think it's about startups. It is. But it's so much more. Read some of the comments we've received since coming back.

Dear founders, it’s time to stop doing business and start being human
Why compassion is key if we want to create truly meaningful companies

A happy exit

Why we're closing down our startup studio to help millions realise their dreams

Why the experience revolution will kill the conference as we know it
In a complex world that craves more meaning, the events we experience will begin to look very different




Free e-book and startup toolkit

The book covers 4 steps to a happy startup: From passion, purpose and people, to profits. 

The Business Hippy Broadcast

Listen to Carlos and Laurence talk about happiness, business and everything in between.