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Lean Coffee Brighton

Our regular coffee morning at Happy Startups HQ on the 3rd Friday of each month. It's a lot of fun as there's always friendly people and great discussions. Sign up to our meetup page to reserve your spot.

Free Range Friday Walkshop: 11/3

A day of walking, talking & sharing in the stunning South Downs National Park within an hour of Brighton. After the success of our first walkshop in November, our friends Unknown Epic are back to be our guides for the day. 

Our next camp: Alptitude

Alptitude is a week long mountainside adventure held at Morillon in the French Alps. People from all over the world will gather to foster creativity, connections and awesomeness with like-minded souls in a stunning natural setting. 

IN courses

Minimum Loveable Product Online Course

10 budding tech entrepreneurs collaborating to bring their digital ideas to life fast.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinar
Happy Startup founders Carlos and Laurence talk startups live with our community. Watch the recording of the session and hear common startup questions answered.

F**k unicorns, build the company you wouldn't sell
David Heinemeier Hansson or DHH and Laurence McCahill. A quick Chat with the founder of basecamp.
Happy Hangout 2015, UK


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Start with values not your idea

I wish more startups realised this. Values are the bedrock of your company and don't change even when everything else does.


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